Dive Seenigama, Dive Lanka also known as Dive For Good: allows you to discover the fantastic sea life, coral reefs, and ship wrecks that Southern coast of Sri Lanka offers while supporting the local rural community of Seenigama and the surrounding areas.

The Seenigama Diving & Training Centre was established after the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami that devastated the Sri Lankan coastline. It was discovered that areas with high levels of illegal coral mining resulted in severely depleted coral reefs which were the hardest hit areas during the tsunami. Following this discovery, the government strongly enforced the law prohibiting illegal coral mining. When this occurred, one of the main sources of livelihood in the Seenigama region which had been coral mining and burning it to make quick lime came to an end. In order to provide livelihood training for the many villagers now left without a job and to prevent them from returning to this harmful trade, FoG introduced the Seenigama Diving and Training Centre which provides professional training for rural youth who can then seek gainful employment in the diving industry worldwide.

Professional Diving Class III course covers both theory and practical leaning of the following:

  • Theory of Diving – Introduction to Diving
  • Regulations
  • Conduct of Diving Operations
  • Breathing Apparatus – Drill and Operation
  • Decompression
  • Divers’ Illness and Injuries
  • Civillian and Expedition Diving

Students also have the option to complete their PADI Open Water Course to fully equip them for employment in the diving industry.

To date, 430 students have graduated from our training centre. Through us you can give back to Sri Lanka as well as have the chance to visit the Seenigama village and view exactly how your contributions are helping!

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