The Foundation of Goodness has worked in rural Sri Lanka for the last twenty years. Starting out with the aim of establishing a rural community development model to narrow the gap between urban and village life in Sri Lanka, by working with the community of Seenigama, the work quickly changed when the 2004 Tsunami waves swept their path of destruction through the village.

The waves of destruction were overcome by the waves of compassion and transformed in to opportunities for the local community to lead lives full of promise as they ride the waves of success.

Building from our flagship model and project headquarters in Seenigama, FoG  has expanded our operations to cover a variety of sectors ranging from: medical and psycho-social support, children and youth, environmental protection, women’s empowerment, sports development and so much more. 

To date, our free-of-cost services support 35,000 beneficiaries annually across 500+ villages, across the island. Our Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centres strive to empower disadvantaged communities so that they may have equal opportunities to excel in life. As the nerve Centre of the village, the Village Heartbeat concept works to give under-served villagers access to skills that will enable then to develop to their full potential and offer courses in areas such as sports, IT, children’s educational classes, women’s empowerment, life values and life skills development. We have 12 Centres around the island as well as our Flagship Venue in Seenigama. 

Providing a holistic approach to tackling poverty through productive activities, the Foundation of Goodness is leading the way in providing essential services of a quality never before seen in a rural setting!