Enjoy your dives and help local community at once!

Dive Seenigama is a Dive shop very closed to Hikkaduwa where you can enjoy diving with a professional team ! The Dive club is also dedicated to train the local community in professional careers, so your funding will able the Sri Lankan population to get a free training for their future. It is part of the Foundation of Goodness, a really important organization which dedicate herself to help the communities from remote areas to have access to education in different fields (Diving but also computer, Hospitals, sports etc…)
I have been diving with Dive Seenigama for severals months (10 dives) and volunteering with them for Reef rehabilitation projects, such as corals planting.
If you want to Dive for a good cause, this is your place !!!! You can do the same Dives as the Dive shop in Hikkaduwa but fund an amazing cause and enjoy the view of the Temple on the island which is absolutely beautiful