Be one of the first to Adopt Corals on the Seenigama Reef in Hikkaduwa

Join one of our expert divers to plant your Coral or opt to have it planted for you!

Upon confirmation of your donation and on completion of your adoption, you will receive an Adoption Certificate with your name on it that you can print out or download for your records, acknowledging your contribution to Save the Seenigama Coral Reef! You can also donate as a gift for your loved ones. When you donate, please be sure to mention ‘Coral Adoption’, the name you would like the certificate to be addressed to and any special message in the ‘notes’ section. 

We will provide you regular updates on the coral growth of the Coral Restoration Project. Planting corals for all online donations: conducted once a week.

We intent to restore three types of corals: acropora (90%), montipora (5%) and porites (5%). The campaign consists of restoration, inspection and regular monitoring tasks. Following is the process leading up to planting corals on nurseries.

a. Building coral nurseries
b. Taking nurseries to the ocean on a boat
b. Placing nurseries underwater
d. Planting corals on nurseries

If you want to plant the corals by yourself:

Certified Divers: $20 | 30 minutes | or  | single fun dive with us at $40, there would be no additional costs!

Non-certified Divers: $67 (inclusive of 10% discount) | 2-3 hours | Discover Scuba Diving (beginner’s diving lessons) | Training provided in a swimming pool first, then dive in to plant your coral!

Non-certified Divers: $20 | 30 minutes | Snorkeling with all equipment | view our expert diver planting your coral!

Adopt One Coral – $15

Adopt Two Corals – $25

Adopt A Nursery (Fifteen Corals) – $150


By this act of goodness, the environment will be better than it used to be!

Corals that you have adopted makes a difference to our ocean and the marine life.

November, 2019

Karen Joachim | Two Corals

Samantha Wijesinha | Coral Nursery – Fifteen Corals

Kushil Gunasekera | Three Corals

December, 2019

Karen Joachim | Two Corals